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SecurePass CAS support


CAS basics

The Central Authentication Service (CAS) is a Web-based single sign-on protocol that is inspired by the Kerberos protocol.

CAS aims to provide a real single sign-on experience for users, so that they can access multiple Web applications while providing their credentials (such as username and password) only once. It has several advantages, one is allowing Web applications to authenticate users without having to access security credentials. Another other big advantage is abstracting security credentials from a Web-based application: in such a way, Secure Pass is able to provide both One Time Passwords (OTP) and smartcard authentication.

Web Servers support


Web Applications

Popular web applications such as Joomla, Wordpress, Tomcat, uPortal, Zimbra and more can be integrated with the CAS protocols. Visit the appropriate Jasig page

Other popular web applications, such as Mediawiki and TikiWiki, has built-in CAS authentication.

We also managed to integrate CAS with Oracle Application Express (APEX), see Giuseppe Paternò whitepaper here. See also some example applications that you can integrate in the Jasig Web Site,

A list of official and unofficial clients can be found in this site from Jasig.

Configure CAS

In order to make Secure Pass work with your application, you must specify the following CAS information:

Full URL
Context /cas/