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SecurePass free service for ZeroShell


What is SecurePass

SecurePass is a strong authentication and identity management service from GARL Bank.

Established in 2008, with offices in Switzerland and United Kingdom, GARL is an independent and neutral bank of digital data. Like traditional banks deal with storing and protecting money, our core business is storing and protecting customers' data.

Unlike other software-as-a-service (SaaS) that are maintained by IT companies, SecurePass is managed by our bank and adopts the same high security standards traditionally used in banks and by government institutions. It is designed to be easy to use and easy to integrate. It verifies your users' identity for you, giving you peace of mind when you grant them access to applications and data. It gives users the peace of mind that their identity cannot be stolen or abused.

Any company can use SecurePass. Small and medium business, for example, will benefit from a lower total cost of ownership compared to maintain a similar infrastructure in-house.

Find more about SecurePass on

Technical Details of SecurePass

SecurePass adopts one time passwords (OTP) as a minimum level of user identification. OTP codes can be generated on smartphones (iPhone and Android, BlackBerry under development), software tokens for Windows/Linux/Mac and even hardware tokens.

Companies can provision their users to the platform through an easy to use web interface; CSV bulk provisioning is also available for a larger number of users.

SecurePass exposes its services through standard protocols such as RADIUS, LDAP and CAS: any service, system or network that is designed to use these protocols can leverage SecurePass unique identity protection systems.

SecurePass exclusive Network Protection & Isolation technology will allow user access to the corporate network resources he/she is entitled to access. SecurePass will recognize and detect which equipment/application is performing the request, if the equipment/application is valid and if the user is entitled perform authentication on that system.

A comprehensive list of SecurePass features is available on the following web site:

Integrating SecurePass in ZeroShell

SecurePass is easy to integrate in ZeroShell: as SecurePass is acting like a RADIUS server, it is enough to declare SecurePass service in the “Proxy Domains” section of the ZeroShell RADIUS service. This will allow any ZeroShell users to have stronger authentication in VPN and wireless captive portal service.

Zeroshell proxy domains.png

Zeroshell proxy domains details.png

The list of SecurePass RADIUS servers is in the RADIUS configuration help page. Please note that -at this stage- only PAP authentication is supported via RADIUS, as for the below OpenVPN example.

Zeroshell openvpn.png

Also note that can be used as a wireless/wired captive portal as the example below:

Zeroshell captive portal.png

Free SecurePass service for ZeroShell users

GARL Sagl, the company behind SecurePass, decided to contribute to the ZeroShell community by donating 6 users for 6 years for free for each company/organisation that decides to open an account on-line with us. Go to:

and specify zeroshell as promo code, like in the example below:

Zeroshell registration.png